The Value In Testing Culture

26 Jan 2022

According to research, ΒΌ of businesses become overwhelmed when confronted by data and struggle to understand what to prioritise when looking to improve their strategies.

The reluctance to get comfortable with numbers heavily impacts a company's growth and can prevent it from unlocking its full potential.

But rest assured that data is nothing to shy away from; hypothesis testing empowers you to make intelligent, data-based decisions enabling you to manage your time and resources effectively.

It also allows you to be more persuasive when sharing your concepts.

Remember, others are far more likely to believe and invest in your ideas when they are reinforced by numbers and not relying on your opinions or perceptions alone.

So, here are 3 reasons to get more comfortable; understand the value of testing culture and discover the immense opportunity it can bring to developing your app, website and business model.

1. Idea Validation

Avoid creating a campaign based on a "hunch" or feelings alone; you need data to back it up and validate your thinking, primarily when investing time and money.

Although numbers may not always be precise, you can rely on various research methods such as A/B testing to guide you on the path to success.

A/B testing is as old as time and is heavily relied upon in all kinds of research, the concept is simple but very effective, especially when it comes to marketing and optimising growth.

The basic premise is that it compares two options used to achieve the same objective; this type of test helps you discover the more robust/desirable result.

A great example of the power and effects of intelligent AB testing can be demonstrated perfectly in our recent article on Custom Product Pages where we encouraged developers to implement various custom product pages to reach multiple audiences and increase App Store conversions.

This fantastic tool is an ideal opportunity to start conducting your own A/B testing.

Some Things to Note

Remember, when testing multiple concepts, make sure to perform them in isolation or in other words, one by one; this will enable you to measure which parts or changes have made a more significant, positive impact and expose those that did not meet the desired expectations.

The temptation to save time and test various things simultaneously can run the risk of pulling focus and hindering analytical clarity, so we would politely advise against it.

2. Helps Your Business Become More Agile

Understanding data and the stories it unfolds allows you to be more productive and resourceful, ensuring that your time, money and energy are well spent.

It also affords you the luxury to adopt a careful, more considered approach, which lets you formulate effective ways to increase user engagement and maximise App Store conversions.

Don't Be Discouraged

If things appear to be moving slowly, do not panic, trust that obtaining quality data is worth the wait and is far more valuable than a bit of time saved.

Like all worthwhile endeavours, it takes time for results to occur, and it's imperative that testing should not be rushed.

Think of it like a polaroid, to get a clear picture, you must be patient and allow the time needed for it to develop, produce rich colours and come into focus.

3. Helps You Better Understand User Segments

Testing culture also helps you identify and understand how your user base is split up.

Once you establish who your user is, you can determine where efforts and resources are best placed.

Let's imagine that data dictates that most of your demographic are students between the ages of 18-25 residing in the USA.

This gift of information means you can then begin to curate concepts and solutions that resonate with your target audience... or shift your focus if think you are heading in the wrong direction.

Gathering insider knowledge will help to increase engagement opportunities and allow you to formulate growth strategies based on whom you want to reach, ensuring you can create happy user journeys.

Ready to Immerse Yourself in the Rich Word of Data Discovery?

Well, hop aboard because we have a team of experts fluent in data-crunching to help you navigate murky waters.

Working closely together, we can solve the mysteries behind the numbers and empower you to make decisions based on objective data to catapult your growth and give you the confidence to soar.

We're so excited to help make data more digestible and have an abundance of content in the works; so make sure you check back regularly, so you can be confident and comfortable with all of your decision makings!

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