The Power of Happy User Journeys

22 Dec 2021

The Happy User Journey

Whether we're on our own smartphones, brainstorming in the "dream den", or formulating strategies for our wonderful clients, we understand the power of the Happy User Journey.

Creating the desired user experience is not without its challenges. Getting it wrong can severely impact an app's engagement levels and growth, so it's crucial to know how to create a Happy User Journey.

So let's explore this together.

What Makes a Happy User Journey?

A Happy Journey is accomplished when a user has the desired experience when using an app. It could be that they have learned something new, managed to park in the city, or have found a great recipe for a sourdough starter. Whatever the desire, it's vital that the user sees the value in what an app has to offer and can achieve it.

With this in mind, it's paramount to provide a comfortable and seamless experience, making sure any user expectations and needs are met.

The Power of the Happy User Journey

A users experience can influence a variety of things, including App Store rankings. The ratings and reviews that an app receives are likely to determine interest levels and whether a user will be inclined or reluctant to download it.
This is one of the core reasons why It is crucial to provide an impactful and unforgettable first impression and deliver continuous, fantastic functionality.

See how Deliciously Ella has significantly improved their ratings and user experience via our solutions. This significant progress allowed them to reach more people with their meaningful message and mindful lifestyle.

How to Achieve Happy User Journeys

Creating a Happy User Journey is something that both the right team and specific strategies can help you accomplish, but in the meantime, considering the following four questions is a solid place to start.

  1. Who Are You Targeting?

    Be clear about your audience, whom you want to appeal to and how the app will benefit them. Remember this is about benefiting the user and not yourself, so design everything with the users' needs, comfort and ease in mind.

  2. Can You Envision The Happy User Journey?

    Envisioning a users journey makes it easier to establish any core needs and determine whether they are being met. It also helps in the design process and how a user may appreciate things look and run. This provides the opportunity to improve functionality and create a pleasing and memorable experience that the user will want to return to.

  3. What Does User Behaviour Tell You?

    Questioning user behaviour can give valuable insight into engagement levels. Monitoring what a user chooses to do and for how long can indicate what interests them and expose areas of frustration that may be causing them to leave.

  4. Are There Common Friction Points?

    Robust testing and data analysis can reveal all you need to know. Still, it can be complicated to understand, which is why it's beneficial to have the right team on board who can decipher any complicated jargon, put processes in place, and steer you in the direction of progress.

  5. What Can Hinder the Happy User Journey?

    When a user spends a long time on an app, it's easy to assume that the user is engaged and wants to continue experiencing the benefits... which is excellent.
    But, that may not be the only thing going on behind the scenes. Spending a long time can also indicate that UX issues are present, which will need addressing as soon as possible and before the user begins to lose interest.

    Sometimes it takes getting a thousand things wrong to get that one crucial thing right, so don't be discouraged. The final result could end up being more powerful than you ever imagined. It just took a little more tweaking. Part of Innovation is learning how to grow from setbacks and keep putting pressure on the rock until a crystal starts to shine.

    Are You Ready to Create a Happy User Journey?

    Remember, when users have happy journeys, they share them with family and friends, this kind of organic growth is invaluable and will catapult you to incredible heights.
    So stay true to your solution, stay true to your user and remember to put something out there that will enrich the lives of others. After all, that is the true meaning of the Happy User Journey.

    We hope you find this article helpful. Good luck, and remember to contact us to discover more ways to help you create Happy User Journeys.

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