Case Study: How We Rebuilt Deliciously Ella’s New App feel better by de

19 Oct 2021

Since we started working together in 2019, Deliciously Ella’s app has grown into a firm favourite of the team at Apple, boasting an App Store rating of 4.9 and consistently featured in Apple’s promotional content and campaigns.

Alongside this growth, the vision for the app has evolved. Once again, we’ve teamed up with Deliciously Ella to breathe new life into the app. In this case study, we’re taking a deep dive into the process from receiving the brief to launching the app into the world of wellness.

1. The Client
2. The Opportunity
3. The Strategy
4. The Results

The Client

Deliciously Ella is a plant-based lifestyle brand embracing natural foods that your body loves and making yoga accessible to everyone. Built by us, their app is home to a diverse menu of plant-based recipes, and a resource hub for yoga beginners and enthusiasts to boost their overall wellness through mindfulness practices and movement classes.

The Opportunity

Deliciously Ella enlisted the help of us and B33 Design to reorganise the app content and reshuffle it into ‘hubs’, where users can enjoy a better user journey finding the content they need quicker.

This makeover presented us with plenty of opportunities to not only upgrade the app cosmetically, it also opened many doors for us to improve the UX, making the app an even more desirable place for customers to interact with the brand.

In the words of our iOS Developer, Chris: “We approached this project as if we’re switching up someone’s diet and giving their wardrobe a complete overhaul – meaning they may look and feel very different by the end, but at their core, the essence remains the same.”

One of the opportunities we identified whilst working on the rebuild was to enhance the UX by being more selective with microinteractions and more deliberate with the inclusion and exclusion of certain UI features. All of which would eventually contribute to making the app more responsive and creating a smoother UX in general.

Not only that, renovating the app using the latest Apple technology, SwiftUI also gave our Quality Assurance Team the perfect reason to evaluate how we’ve been testing our apps in the past and implement new ways of testing to pave the way for future projects.

The Strategy

We kicked off this project by working with Deliciously Ella’s in-house designer. Throughout the process, we kept in close contact with the team at Deliciously Ella; several calls and meetings were held in order for us to better grasp each UI element.

When it came time to update and migrate the app from UIKit to SwiftUI using the newest technology and methods, we were faced with the challenge of making sure that the new SwiftUI elements work in perfect harmony with existing UIKit pieces. This meant a big reshaping of the architecture of the app, which necessitated countless internal discussions and a great deal of teamwork between our developers to figure out what to borrow, what to steal, and what to rebuild from the previous app.

In fact, all developers from different ‘squads’ joined forces and put their heads together to make sure the iOS, Android, and web apps work seamlessly across platforms, and map out the journey from “Do we need to keep this?” to “If so, what’s the next step, and the next step, and so on…” based on what works best for the data we’re working with.

In addition to our Development Team’s daily stand-up, regular meetings were held with stakeholders from Deliciously Ella to keep both parties in the loop and ensure we’re on the right track – and on the right track we were…

The Result

Meet feel better by de, the brainchild of Deliciously Ella’s vision and Digital Workroom’s innovations. Together, we’ve created an app built to help users feel better by giving them instant access to plant-based recipes as well as tools to movement, mindfulness, and better sleep – all from the palm of their hand.

In preparation to launch feel better by de, a group of Digital Workroomers hopped on an Avanti West Coast train headed to the Big Smoke to meet the team at Deliciously Ella in person for the first time in nearly two years.

What's in store for the future? Of course, feel better by de is by no means the end of our working relationship. We still have plenty of updates in the pipeline, and we’ll be sharing more updates on our LinkedIn page every step of the way.

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