Case Study: How We Helped Deliciously Ella Grow Checkout Rates by 30%

14 May 2021

Having great products doesn’t guarantee sales – especially in this increasingly competitive digital buying world.

Luckily, there are things you can do to optimise your ecommerce conversion rates, and we’re here to talk about the strategies we put in place that helped our client Deliciously Ella boost their checkout rates by 30%.

1. The Client
2. The Opportunity
3. The Strategy
4. The Results

The Client

Deliciously Ella is a plant-based lifestyle brand whose philosophy revolves around making plant-based living accessible to everyone. Their ecommerce website features a range of delicious plant-based breakfasts and snacks made with simple ingredients.

Showcasing Deliciously Ella’s website on desktop and mobile

We immediately fell in love with Deliciously Ella’s products and bought into their vision. However, we recognised that there was work to be done in order to improve the purchase experience and make the buying decision easier for their customers.

The Opportunity

To enhance Deliciously Ella’s ecommerce growth, we brought in our data intelligence team to get a clearer picture of how their existing website was performing. We implemented analytics and used the data to find room for improvement in the conversion funnel.

Reviewing the conversion rates, we found blockers on the basket page which caused customers to leave the website without completing their purchases. So we saw an opportunity to make their buyer journey more frictionless and improve conversion rates – and that’s what we did.

The Strategy

Our data intelligence team initiated the project by conducting an in-depth audit in order to understand Deliciously Ella’s web set-up and migrated all analytical tags into Google Tag Manager. More importantly, after the initial audit of their analytical maturity, we completed a full reimplementation of their analytical set-up. This meant ensuring all reporting features in Google Analytics were enabled and tracked with precise naming conventions, and setting up a clear data strategy for the year based on defined goals and KPIs from initial collaborative workshops – all of which led Deliciously Ella to become more data-driven.

Following that, we put together and presented a number of actionable steps to help reduce friction from their sales conversion process.

When it comes to creating an effective ecommerce UI, instinctive interfaces are just as important as engaging designs, that’s why we paid particular attention to interface elements that would help customers in the process of task completion. With that in mind, we added several elements to the website to create a smoother customer journey:

  • An additional CTA button – Since the existing button was located at the bottom of the page and not immediately visible on screen, we decided to add a second CTA button to the top of the basket page. This enables customers to navigate to checkout and complete their purchases more easily.

  • An extra sense of security – We added a padlock icon in the CTA button to indicate a secure electronic transaction and build trust with customers.

A side-by-side comparison between Deliciously Ella’s previous and current basket page

The Results

Less friction meant more conversions. We kept a close eye on the performance after implementing these strategies, and within a couple of weeks, we started seeing a sharp spike in the checkout rates. As a result of the changes, we found that the number of customers who frictionlessly proceeded to the checkout page and completed their purchases had risen by 30%.

Demonstrating the 30% growth in Deliciously Ella’s checkout rates that we helped make possible

This did more than increase Deliciously Ella’s online sales, it transformed their perception of testing various elements of their website too. Since then, we’ve been able to work in true partnership to further optimise their conversion rate by making evidence-based changes. In fact, we’re gearing up to roll out A/B testing in the coming weeks.

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