App Store Custom Product Pages Are Here

13 Jan 2022

Welcome to the first article of 2022. We hope you have had a fantastic start to the year and are looking forward to the exciting articles coming your way.

Today’s a juicy one because Apple has introduced Custom Product Pages, which are an effective way to enhance your App Store Listing and boost conversions.

Here are the important things to know and how to get started.

What Are Custom Product Pages?

Custom Product Pages are an innovative way of engaging more users who visit your App Store listing. When done effectively, they are extremely powerful for anyone wanting to market an app; they encourage creative expression to showcase what your app is all about.

They are also an ingenious way of reaching multiple audiences simultaneously whilst highlighting selected benefits to suit a particular niche. Imagine the possibility and limitless opportunity this can present.

Picture this…Your app is great for professionals, but it’s also ideal for students, you can now have different product pages showing the tailored benefits to each demographic. Highlighting meaningful content will increase organic conversions.

That’s not all, you can also share a page’s unique URL in your corresponding marketing efforts. This approach ensures that your relevant and exciting content reaches the right users exactly when you want it to.

For example, let’s say you have a new feature or app update to communicate with a specific audience; it can be done efficiently with unique URLs within your current social media campaign. The unique link will take the desired user straight to the relevant page that’s introducing that new feature update. This is particularly handy if you make seasonal or culturally relevant content.

Configuring Your Pages Within the App Store

Creating different versions of your App Store product page on iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 or later is quick, easy and impactful. Here are some simple steps to help get you started.

  1. Head to your App Store Connect webpage.

  2. Select App Store Connect and click “my apps”.

  3. Select an iOS app and click ‘Custom Product Pages’. Click the blue (+) button to begin customising your pages for the target audience, aligning any relevant marketing campaigns.

  4. Once you're happy, press “submit for review” and wait for the approval to go live.

  5. It’s worth noting that once approved, you can have up to 35 custom product pages per app on the App Store at any given time…as long as they adhere to guidelines.

    Having 35 pages may seem beneficial, but consider the tracking difficulties and how cloudy test results can become. We have found it’s far more effective to start with a smaller, more impactful selection that drives bigger results rather than many pages that overwhelm and hinder analytical clarity.

    How to Market Your Custom Product Pages

    Once you have built effective custom product pages, it’s the ideal time to focus on the marketing side.

    By using the unique URL, you are able to share your efforts within other campaigns, such as social media or promotional communications.

    Measuring Performance

    Once you’ve launched your custom product pages, it’s crucial to measure and track success in the app analytics in App Store Connect. This is an excellent opportunity to strategise and consider how to make your custom product pages even more effective.

    AB testing is the most revealing way to see how your new pages compare to your previous ones and draw a comparison against your default product page.

    Testing can show whether the users who installed the app came from a custom product page, a marketing campaign or promotion.

    You can also measure how long a user stayed engaged and how much time was spent on in-app purchases.

    It's Time to Make Amazing Things Happen

    Now you're ready to start dreaming up powerful and meaningful custom product pages.

    Remember, it's to be expected that the initial stages and beyond will consist of a lot of testing, figuring out and making changes…but the results can be phenomenal.

    Need Another Pair of Eyes?

    If you want support getting your custom product pages up and running, understanding the data and making sure they remain impactful we can help you get set up. Working closely together, we ensure you are in the optimal position to obtain your desired results.

    Reach out if you have any questions and in the meantime, keep up with what we are up to by following us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.