5 Ways Machine Learning Can Make Your App More Intelligent

26 Apr 2021

The era of one-size-fits-all services is waning; your customers want offers that are tailored to their needs.

With the help of machine learning (ML), you can make your apps smarter and more user-friendly, improve customer experience, maintain customer loyalty, and build a more consistent buying experience. Keep reading to find out how your app can benefit from ML.

What is machine learning?

To put it simply, machine learning is the process of teaching a software to do a task by giving it various input data sets, and allowing it to find patterns and connections in the data then envisage outcomes automatically.

Our app Noted’s Intelligent Playback feature is a prime example of ML at work. It’s powered by Apple’s CoreML to understand and skip non-speeches in recordings. When enabled, Intelligent Playback automatically jumps over silences and noises (like applause) to help our users save time and focus on details that matter most.

1. Faster and Smarter Search Functionality

Whether you’re looking for a product or a service, the search functionality should not be time-consuming or challenging.

Thanks to machine learning, you can help your customers find what they need more quickly by taking data from their search histories, then prioritising the results based on their interests and typical actions. By integrating ML into your app, you can offer better and more contextual results, and make the search more intuitive and more shrewd for the users.

2. More Individualist Experience

A more individualised experience is always a good idea. In fact, it’s what users expect from an app. ML algorithms can analyse various sources of information (including social media and credit ratings) in order to evaluate…

  • Who your customers are

  • What your customers want

  • What they can afford

  • What they are searching for to find your product/service

  • What their preferences, pain points, and hobbies are

It can also help you classify and structure your potential customers, then adopt the tone of your content to find a personalised approach for them. Ultimately your app becomes a ‘close friend’ to the user, one who can anticipate their wishes and successfully recommend the most relevant content.

3. More Relevant Ads

Users expect to see content that’s both useful and contextually relevant to them, including ads. Showing the right content to the right people is crucial for running a successful ad, and that’s where machine learning comes in: it can help you target personalised ads and messages more accurately.

That’s not all, ML can also gauge your customer’s buying habits so you can predict how they will react to a particular ad. This enables you to show the ad to only customers who are most likely to be interested, thus helping you make smarter ad investments whilst improving buying experience.

4. Enhanced User Engagement

Lack of user engagement is a challenge that many businesses face with their app, but machine learning can help. By continuing to learn more about your customers, ML algorithms help you unlock all the crucial data you need to create the best personalised content, and in turn, offer the most engaging experience possible.

5. Improved Security

In today’s digital time, we can’t afford to compromise with security. To give users peace of mind, you can leverage machine learning to keep their data safe.

Machine learning allows users to authenticate critical data using biometric information, such as fingerprint or face detection with high-end security. For instance, Apple’s Face ID is designed to adapt as the user's face changes and as it recognises the times when they succeed and fail to authenticate. By doing this, the data is refined and updated to improve the user's experience.

This helps your users protect their personal information online and strengthens their trust in you. So if your app stores sensitive data, you need to consider incorporating ML into it.

A New Revolution in App Development

Machine learning is the future of mobile apps. With ML, businesses are able to offer much superior services and smarter UX.

If you’re ready to explore what ML can do for your business, get in touch now via hello@digitalworkroom.co.uk or connect with us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.