Case Study: How We Helped Deliciously Ella Grow App Ratings From 3.8 to 4.9

02 Dec 2020

App Store user ratings matter – fact.

The opinions of others play an important role in users’ decisions to download an app. In this case study, we’re sharing how we developed the strategy that helped Deliciously Ella grow its App Store ratings from 3.8 to 4.9.

1. The Client
2. The Opportunity
3. The Strategy
4. The Results

The Client

Deliciously Ella is a plant-based lifestyle brand with more than 2M Instagram followers founded by Ella Woodward, with the mission to make natural and delicious food created from simple ingredients accessible to the plant-based community and beyond.

The Opportunity

Though the content on the Deliciously Ella app was well-received by users, we know its App Store ratings were not reflective of that success.

With ratings of 3.8 out of 5, we saw a big opportunity to help them achieve ratings that would accurately represent the true value their users were gaining from using the app.

The Strategy

Though Apple has made it relatively easy to request ratings from users while they’re using an app, we were conscious of not distracting users from consuming the content, especially since the Deliciously Ella app is a content app that’s meant to engage.

That means the review prompts had to be relevant and well-timed; otherwise we could risk ending up with a big number of annoyed users on our hands, or worse, we could drive those who were enjoying the app away.

Our data analysts James and Steve worked closely with the Deliciously Ella team to pinpoint moments where users would most likely be inclined to respond to review prompts.

Armed with this knowledge, our team devised a strategy which included:

  • Avoiding the first app launch and the onboarding process – never ask for a rating before users have a chance to get a feel for the app.

  • Asking for a rating only after users have demonstrated engagement with the app – e.g. viewed a specific number of recipes, making sure that they had enough time to digest the content they consumed.

  • Allowing users to watch a certain amount of a video first – we looked for logical pauses or stopping points where a rating prompt seemed the most appropriate without interrupting them mid-video.

The Results

A few weeks after the strategy was implemented, we began to see that the number of reviews had grown and the ratings were becoming increasingly favourable too. We continued to monitor, measure, and optimise the strategy, and after two short months, Deliciously Ella skyrocketed to 4.9!

Take a look at what the CEO of Deliciously Ella, Matthew Mills has to say about us:

"When building our app, we had a clear idea of what we wanted the user experience to be, but no internal means to bring the product to life. We had long searched for the right partner, and Digital Workroom have been precisely that. The team are passionate, talented, reliable, and a dream to work with. We feel very lucky to have found them.”

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